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According to the Agreement between Sweden and Tanzania1 , Sweden has permission to, directly or through an agent, establish and run schools in Tanzania for Swedish personnel. Sweden also has permission to admit other expatriates to the school. This means that the Nordic School can enroll children if at least one of their parents is an expat.

If at least one of the child’s parents (or guardians) is a citizen of Sweden or any other Nordic country, the Director is authorized to decide on admission of the child depending on availability. If not, the family must write a message to the Board describing the family’s connection to the Nordic region (if any) and/or why they wish for their child to attend the Nordic School.

The board then decides on a case-by-case basis, whether the child can be admitted or not. When taking this decision, the board needs to take different factors into account such as the number of children already enrolled, available staff resources and if the family supports the Nordic principles and pedagogy and our approach to childcentered education. The family must be able to communicate in English too.


In our preschool, we welcome children aged 1 to 6 – from 1 year to approximately 3 years of age, the children will be in Kidogo, and from approximately 3 to 6 years, the children will be in Kubwa. Before starting Kidogo, we expect the children to be able to eat mainly independently, either by using a spoon or their hands – it is okay, if it is messy.

To be enrolled in Kubwa, you need to be free of diapers. In our afterschool, we welcome children aged 5,5 to 12 years. The children must have started primary school. The teacher/child ratio is 1 teacher per 3 children in Kidogo, 1 teacher per 5 children in Kubwa and 1 teacher per 12 children in afterschool. Besides the last 30 minutes of the day there will always be minimum two teachers present with each group.